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What Your Partnership Means to One Mother

Drinking alcohol to cope with an abusive husband, Nichole’s world was falling apart. She'd been in treatment programs but when the emotional abuse would continue, she would return to the bottle. The downward spiral of her life changed when she took the advice of a friend in Marshfield and came to Shirley’s House of Hope, a Christian domestic violence shelter for women and children hurting from abuse.
The journey to a new life was not easy. The first day Nichole was at Shirley’s House of Hope she thought, “What have I done? There are so many rules and I can’t have my cellphone. I was angry. That night when I was getting ready to go to sleep, I was thinking, ‘They are taking all of my freedoms away.’ I looked up at the wall and read what was written. ‘Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.’ After I read that I felt such peace and thought, ‘I need to rest.’”
Since coming to God and finding a church family, along with completing classes at Shirley’s House of Hope, Nichole says, “I'm at peace. I've learned to control my anger. I’ve learned to give up the old me. I just love myself and before Shirley’s House of Hope I couldn’t say that.”
With the help of the many donors and volunteers, Nichole has remained sober for 6 months. She has held a job for three months and has a house in Marshfield. Your partnership with The Building of Hope capital campaign will provide a firm foundation for Shirley’s House of Hope that will continue to rebuild, renew and restore lives of women and children in Marshfield for years to come.